Ok, I Saw the Avengers – Who’s That Guy at the End?

This story should be considered semi-spolier as it discusses the extra scene at the end of Avengers. If you don't want any surprises or explinations, read no further. We will not give away any plot points of the movie itse'f, but we will discuss in detail just what was seen in that little teaser.


With the release of the Avengers breaking records all over the place, talk is already around the clip at the end of Avengers and what it means to the Marvel Universe and more specifically, Avengers 2. 

This is not a new trick Marvel has employed, in fact every Marvel film from Iron Man 1 has had a little teaser placed in the end which comic book fans love and many people scratch their heads saying, “What the hell was that?”

Iron Man introduced Nick Fury to the movie going world. Fans knew who he was as soon as they saw the patch but it made the rest of the non-comic book world rush to Google and search who that was. Next we had Thor's hammer shown in IOron Man 2, which also had non fans worried until they simply asked that jumping up and down little boy in the seat next to them.

After the Thor movie we get a teaser for not only Captain America but the plot line, it turns out, for the Avengers with the introduction of the Tesseract; that blue cube of power which causes such a ruccus. Then with little confusion, after Captain America they just ran a full blown trailer for the Avengers movie.

However, what was the deal with the scene after the Avengers?

The site Pop Watch gives a great explination of exactly who we saw:


Throughout the film, we see Loki interacting with a mysterious shrouded figure — a character credited as “The Other” in the liner notes. In the post-credits sequence, we see the Other addressing his boss. He says that the Avengers had proven that Earth could be a real threat. Specifically, he says that launch another attack “would be to court death.” Cut to: The Boss, a man with a big purple head, turning to the camera and smirking. The End.

Comic book newbies, allow me to introduce you to Thanos: An insanely powerful alien who is obsessed with Death. That’s “Death” with a capital-D: Thanos took nihilism to a new level by falling in love with the literal personification of death, usually rendered as an attractive, robed woman with a face that occasionally turns full Skeletor. In the most famous story about the character, “The Infinity Gauntlet,” Thanos got ahold of the most powerful weapon in the galaxy and killed half of all life in the universe. A massive showdown with all the heroes of Earth ensued. (Since “The Infinity Gauntlet,” Thanos has been a more ambiguous figure, occasionally fighting for the cause of good — think of how the malevolent Ben Linus became a sorta-hero in the latter days of Lost.)

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If that isn't enough, you can get up to nausiating detail off of the Marvel site Marvel Directory which gives out his entire orgin, hostor and fully explains his powers and motivations. Although just as with other Marvel characters, don't expect the entire mythology to be followed and more than likely it will be adapted to cinema.

Real Name: Thanos
Occupation: Conqueror, worshipper of Death
Identity: His existence is unknown to the general populace of Earth, but known to the peoples of many other civilizations throughout the galaxy.
Legal Status: Citizen of Titan
Place of Birth: Titan, a moon of Saturn
Other Aliases: Sanctuary II, Thanos' starship
Marital Status: Unrevealed
Known Relatives: Alars (alias Mentor, father), Eros (alias Starfox, brother), Zuras (uncle, deceased), Sui-San (mother, deceased), Cybele (sister-in-law), Thena (niece), Nebula (alleged granddaughter)
Group Affiliation: Leader of an army of renegade aliens
Base of Operations: Titan, later Sanctuary II
First Appearance: IRON MAN #55
Final Appearance: MARVELTWO-IN-ONE ANNUAL #2


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So what does this mean for Avengers 2? It looks as though the Marvel Universe is actually going to extend out into the Universe. While plans for Iron Man 3, Captain America 2 are more Earth bound, it looks as though the Thor sequel along with the second installment of the team movie will be a bit more cosmic, so to speak.




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