Movie Reviews

We love movies!

Here at Popcorn Movies we do not look for the Oscar winners. Not to say that all Oscar winners are bad, after all we cheered when Rocky won but about the time Annie Hall beat out Star Wars, well, we knew that what critics generally call a great film and what we are willing to shell out good money for are completely different.

Not to say Annie Hall isn’t a great rental, but come on! Star Wars! … ’nuff said!

The reviews are based on a 5 star rating and are generally pretty arbitrary. But rest assured that if we rate a movie 3 or above, you ill enjoy it. And we mean a ‘popcorn eating, cheering, laughing, having a great time at the movies’ type of enjoyment. If you are looking for some poignant film depicting the plight of some downtrodden class of people with a heavy moral message, well, Popcorn Movies is not for you.

Generally you can rate the films like this:

5 Pops This is a must see. Do not fret, sit back and enjoy the movie!

4 Pops – Still a great movie and you will be happy. Just missing something but you won’t care.

3 Pops – A pretty good film with a few holes but still worth watching if you are a movie fan.

2 Pops – You could probably miss this movie and not care but if you are really bored give it a shot.

1 Pop – Not even worth downloading it for free. Trust us, this is not worth the time.

The reviews are listed by title with articles (‘the’, ‘an’, ‘a’ and the like) not counting. For example, “The Matrix” would be listed as “M” and not “T”. But simply use the search function to find a movie. We are reviewing quite a few films concentrating on our favorites first so it will take some time to get to all of the movies you might want to see.

If you feel there is a movie you feel is definite Popcorn Movie materiel, by all means please contact us and we will get a review up as soon as possible.