Men in Black 3 to Follow Avenger’s Formula

Just as the Avengers got a jump on both momentum, box office receipts and most importantly, some would argue, publicity, the new Men in Black movie is opening overseas before a domestic US release.

This is Will Smith's venture back into his summer actio role which he dominated in years past with Men in Black and the hugely successful Independence Day. While he dropped off the radar screen for a while, he looks to come back big with the third installment of the MiB franchise.

But with some reviewers not so happy, such as the Seattle PI review:


There's a moment early on in “Men in Black 3” when Will Smith's Agent J sits down next to his longtime partner, Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K, and bemoans the fact that he's too old for this sort of thing — for running around New York in matching dark suits, chasing down aliens and zapping them with their shiny metal weapony doo-hickeys.

We're paraphrasing a bit. But unfortunately, that's an excellent observation. We're all too old for this sort of thing — the shtick itself has gotten old, and it has not aged well.

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Time will tell if this can even come close to the Avenger's huge success, but judging by the movie goers attitude and early reviews, it looks like another big blockbuster movie and a great way to kick off the summer movie series. Although don't look for it to match Avenger's is this site's opinion as the formula is a bit tired and not a lot of new things happening.

However, the twist at the end and a very well written last 30 minutes or so of the film saves a bad aftertaste. Now then, Spider-Man and the latest Batman are waiting in the wings hoping people won't tire of theaters before they get their shot.

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