Big Lebowski, the dude abides. A cult classic from 1998

Every now and again a movie comes along that stands the test of time. The cult classic, The Big Lebowski, is a cult classic that has certainly achieved this. … [Read more...]

Drunken Master 2

How'd He Do That? The thing that is so brilliant about Jackie Chan is that everything he does looks so fluid and flawless and literally has your jaw dropping asking “How in the hell did he do that?” If you have never seen a Jackie Chan film or think that martial arts films are not your cup of tea, just don’t know what you are missing. Chan’s films are more like an expert acrobatic clown with some fight scenes thrown in to keep the jester like dance going and have some sort of purpose. Though the fights are well choreographed and spliced together from multiple takes, you can still marvel at the elaborate routines put on for our viewing pleasure. Reportedly the seven and a half minute fight at the end of Drunken Master II took nearly four months to film, Chan saying in an interview … [Read more...]

Club Paradise

Rasta Meets Satire Club Paradise is more a satire than comedy although if you're not paying attention you will not catch the clever sardonic wit Harold Ramis (director/writer) so aptly weaves through his film. He had help also with one of the most under rated writers in Hollywood, in my humble opinion, Bryan Doyle-Murry who also help pen Caddyshack and was a longtime writer on Saturday Night Live and SCTV. The plot of Club Paradise is quite loose and involves an ex-Chicago fireman Jack Moniker (Williams) on disability retired in a fictional Caribbean island named St. Nicholas. Here he falls into the laidback life style of the locals and eventually teams up with Ernest Reed (Cliff) a reggae singer slash hotel owner in a battle of rich versus poor over property rights. With Monikers … [Read more...]

Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a masterpiece. I was going to end my review with just that sentence, but felt compelled to write more as there just aren’t enough words to try and explain Blade Runner but I’ll give it a shot. First thing you need to know is that there are two versions of Blade Runner and I urge all to watch both. The first one is the theater version which the producers of the film got nervous on Ridley Scott’s cut and had a film noir like monologue track added by Harrison Ford’s character Deckard. They were worried that general audiences wouldn’t quite get what the vision of the film was and felt this was necessary to market the film. Later with a very lucrative profit already in the bank and wanting more, they agreed to let Ridley Scoot release a directors cut which does not have … [Read more...]

Army of Darkness

Ash, you're my hero! This is actually the third movie in the series of ED franchise which Bruce Campbell was the star in as well. Originally the director/writer (Sam Raimi) wanted to call this picture either the static Army of Darkness: ED 3 or his clever turn of phrase Army of Darkness: The Medieval and then again in the credits it has a sub title of Bruce Campbell Vs. Army of Darkness. But whatever the name, this is a must see for any movie fan! This truly is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. If you like a good popcorn movie, this is the one. And the brilliant thing about Army of Darkness is that many people haven’t seen it so you can pop it into your DVD player, get a bowl of popcorn, and share it with a friend. By all means do not tell them it is basically a comedy as … [Read more...]