Avengers Opens BIG!

With $18.7 million made from the midnight US opening on Thursday night and a huge first day, the Avengers rakes in $80.5 million for the day. This is second only to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 which is the current record holder. HPatDH Part 2 made $91.1 million on its opening day so the record holder for the biggest weekend total ($169.2 million) is in serious jeopardy. That movie when it opened dropped 53% in attendance from Friday to Saturday so if the Avengers keeps its momentum through the weekend, it should be the new king of the box office. The Chicago Tribune reports: "The Avengers" surpassed its $220 million production costs some time ago. The film added another $30.3 million overseas on Friday, raising its foreign gross to $334 … [Read more...]

May the Fourth Be With You!

Ok, it's corny but we here at Popcorn Moives are big Star Wars geeks. It is one of those movies that just will always be in our psyche and forever be one of the greatest of all time. Well, let's be honest, Empire Strikes Back is the greatest and the first three were a huge disappointment, but you get what we mean. And we're not the only ones, the culture and the entire universe that is "Star Wars" is beyond just the movies and have lived on like few other films could ever hope for.   Even with great movies which technically and action wise and humor and special effects, better acting (well, basically every measure of a film) are better than Star Wars (If you haven't seen Avengers yet, what are you waiting for?) one still has to give it up for the original mac … [Read more...]

Robert Downey Jr. Loves Playing Iron Man

Don't pay attention to the rumors that Robert Downey Jr. is going to be re-cast as Iron Man. This is not some sort of James Bond character that has a Roger Moore waiting in the wings to take over. Granted the actor is now 42 years old, but with the CGI doing the heavy lifting and RDJ still in love with the character, don't expect to see anyone else donning the iron suit anytime soon. He told MTV News recently: ...he wasn't so thrilled about the idea of someone else playing Tony Stark. "I would really hate for someone else to think they could step into my shoes," he said. An infamous jokester, he couldn't help but ask, "I wonder who's playing Tony Stark next. Is it you? Is that what you're here to tell me?" "I know things are looking like that they could go on for a long while," … [Read more...]

Avengers Looking to Open BIG!

  Avengers Assemble! The summer movie season is opening with a bang and if the Avengers is any indication of how this summer is going to be at the box office, we here at Popcorn Movies are very excited! The reviews are in and they are all good! With the Avengers opening overseas first and with mini premieres all around the US, this weekend looks to be huge for the Marvel Universe. In fact, the Huffington Post is reporting that already globably the film has earned close to 500 million dollars! Hulk smash. According to numbers released by Disney, "Marvel's The Avengers" has already grossed $218.2 million internationally, including $33.1 million on Monday. Couple that lofty number with foreign openings in Russia and China on Friday, and "The Avengers" could reach $400 million … [Read more...]