Battleship Hopes to Open Big in US

The new big budget movie Battleship has been released world wide for about a month and has already made 200 million dollars but the real test is coming as it set to release in the United States on May 18th.

The movie cost 211 million to make so it looks like it will make its money back however the screen debut of Rihanna and hopes of a franchise might have been washed away with the Avengers doing so well which also involves alien attack.

As the Washington Post reports, translating a board game into a movie in the first place was a risky proposition.


The idea of taking a decades-old board game based on grids and guesses with no characters and turning it into a high-tech battle against giant invading alien machines might seem ludicrous to some (James Cameron called it a sign of Hollywood’s “pure desperation”), but Hasbro has woven a winning formula with converting two of its other branded titles, “Transformers” and “G.I. Joe,” into live-action megafranchises. Fogelson is hopeful “Battleship” will have the same fate.

Fogelson also followed a Hollywood trend by opening the film overseas prior to launching it in the U.S. market. With such sure-fire hits as Disney’s “Marvel’s The Avengers” raking huge international numbers two weeks prior to its stateside release, studios are looking more and more to global territories as a safer bet for return on heavy investment. International box office numbers have risen from $16.6 billion in 2007 to $22.4 billion last year, while the U.S. market has stayed relatively flat ($9.6 billion in 2007 to $10.2 billion in 2011). “Battleship” took the strategy even further by striking an early blow, opening five weeks prior to its U.S. release. It’s already made $200 million in 50 countries and is set to open this week in Latin America.

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Unlike the stellar across the board reviews which the Avengers has been enjoying spurring record profits, Battleship has gotten mixed reviews with some pretty harsh ones written on Rotten Tomatoes which only has a 47% fresh rating but still holds an 86% ‘want to see’ rating so things still look good.

Hasbro just hopes to match their success with Transformers and G.I. Joe and keep the product interest up. As Business Week reports:

Goldner has moved on to other games. Movies based on Risk, Ouija board, and Clue (which was turned into a movie for the first time in 1985, when the game was owned by Parker Brothers) are also in development. “I’m not sure Hungry Hungry Hippos is a movie,” says Goldner of the game in which plastic hippopotamus heads gobble up marbles. Then again, “I’ve heard a good pitch on Hungry Hungry Hippos.”

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So, are you excited about this movie? Or is your aliens attack the world quota full for the year?

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