Avengers Keeps Moving On – Smashing Records

The movie Avengers now holds the record for fastest movie to make $400 million domestically, reaching that figure in just two weeks in its amazing run so far. Add to this the one billion in total revenue including overseas sales they made about a week ago makes a lot of people not only very happy but also very very rich.

One actor who is loving this is the 37 minuets of screen time, Robert Downey Jr who, according to Vulture, is set to rake in a cool 50 million dollars.

We were aware that Robert Downey Jr. got paid way more than his Avengers co-stars, despite the fact that — by Vulture's stopwatch — he's onscreen 41 seconds less than Chris Evans's Captain America and just three and a half minutes more than Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow. What we were unaware of is that Downey is fixing to rake in an athletelike $50 million when all's said and done, with back-end compensation and bonuses off that $1 billion-and-counting box-office haul…

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The records just keep falling. The Avengers making more than $100 million two consecutive weekends. Fastest to $100, $200, $300 million and every other record has no chance of standing up against the massive movie momentum which is this movie. 

This is Marvel's first billion dollar movie and surprisingly, only Disney's fifth. Quite a good investment for the empire Walt started so long ago and bodes well for future collaborations and superhero movies in the future.

As Deadline reports:

Yes, the biggest North American movie is getting still bigger and still setting records. Playing very wide with 4,349 theaters, The Avengers looks like around $29.1M for Friday and approaches a gargantuan $100M second weekend. This will be far-and-away the highest second domestic weekend in box office history (passing Avatar‘s and The Dark Knight‘s $75M records). That means the holdover will drop only 53% after its record-setting opening. Coming into Friday Avengers was scooping up 75% of all tickets sales at online MovieTickets.com. Disney says its superhero worldwide juggernaut will cross $300M domestic on Saturday in a record of only 9 days. (The previous record was 10 days.) Through Sunday its domestic haul should be around $355M. So what’s the total overseas so far? Its international gross is $533.3M for a global cumulative of $888.3M.

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Quite impressive indeed. Now the only question is, now that Robert Downey Jr. made $50 million alone for the Avengers, how much will he want to put on the iron suit again for Iron Man 3?


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